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2018-03-13 17:40:10
Lake Oswego Real Estate Your Right To Have Your Own Buyer's Agent

Have you ever walked into an open house and had that agent write an offer for you on that home?

Did you go to a builder's new construction open house and have the builder's agent sell you the new home?

When you called the listing agent, did you think you were getting a better deal because you had them write your offer?Copyright Betty Jung

Lake Oswego Real Estate Your Right To Have Your Own Buyer's Agent

In all of these cases, it does not benefit you as a buyer to have the open house agent, the listing agent, or the builder's agent assist you with your purchase.  In fact, in all of above-mentioned cases, those agents are representing the seller each and every time, and not you at all. Those agents do not have your best interests at heart but are working in the best interests of the seller.

It amazes me that many people still don't understand agency or what a buyer's agent is.  Most buyers are not even aware that if you are the buyer you have rights to have your own agent representing you regardless what a lender or a listing or on-site agent will tell you.

Many agents tout themselves as being a 'buyer's agent' when in fact all of us as licensed Oregon real estate agents can be your buyer's agent.

What's The Difference Between A Buyer's Agent And A Seller's Agent

Buyers Agent - has a buyer's broker agreement/contract with you and will assist you in shopping for a home.  Your Buyer's agent researches and previews properties that you might like, helps you get the best price and presents your offer to the seller.

The listing or selling agent, or another person holding the house open, has a responsibility to the home's seller, builder, or another person who owns the home.

When working with a real estate agent, it is important you clearly understand who that agent's primary client is and which party in the transaction they are representing.

My Responsibility To You

To learn more about how your interests can most effectively be protected give me a call.  I would be happy to explain the way in which I can represent you.


There are links above to search for real estate.  I have a new website where you can search or you can use my mobile phone app as well. My website and mobile app provide you with access to all listings available on the RMLS™ system regardless of who the listing agent or brokerage may be. Listings are updated frequently throughout the day giving you the information you need, when you need it.

Thinking of Selling Your Lake Oswego Home?

Prices are increasing at a fast pace in Lake Oswego. Interest rates are still low but are increasing, and there is still a huge pool of buyer demand. I have ready, willing and able buyers ready to purchase your home. If you want to know the value of your home in today's real estate market, please call me at 503-804-9685.

Moving to Lake Oswego?

Want to know more about Lake Oswego? I'd love to be your buyer's agent, please give me a call at 503-804-9685.

I have worked in Lake Oswego as a Real Estate Broker since 1978 and have lived in Lake Oswego since 1988 and know all the neighborhoods! The real estate market is 'hot' here in the Portland metro area and Lake Oswego. I am ready to assist you with all your real estate needs! 'There is no substitute for experience.'

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