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2018-04-03 16:02:53
Lake Oswego Real Estate Maintaining Your Siding

Have you noticed some black stains on your siding due to our weather here in Lake Oswego?  Are you concerned about it? Have you checked the siding on your home?

Lake Oswego Real Estate Maintaining Your Siding

I have noticed some spots on my siding that I have been concerned about too although it isn't too bad as yet. Today I received an email from my favorite vendor that addressed that issue so I thought I would share it with you too. This picture is of a home I recently saw that illustrates exactly what I am referring to. When was the last time you checked the siding on your home?Copyright bettyjung.com

Maintaining Your Siding

During last week’s slightly warmer weather, you may have been in your yard and noticed areas on your siding that looked dirty, or even black.  Especially on the north or other shady sides of your home. You can see photos of what I'm talking about (and after photos of clean siding) here: https://www.facebook.com/actioncleaningteam/posts/10155929638100399

We have been getting a number of calls about cleaning siding. Sometimes it’s because the HOA wants a clean-up. Sometimes people are worried about damage to siding.

What causes the black areas? It is usually the result of organic material (dirt and dust) adhering to the siding. This provides nutrients for mold, mildew and algae (which are airborne) to grow. Some of the molds and mildews can stain your siding.

Stains on some siding can be painted over after cleaning. Other types of siding, such as aluminum or vinyl have factory-applied coatings, and are not easily repainted. If these types of siding get stained, there is not much you can do about it.

Does the black stuff damage siding? From a structural standpoint, the damage is usually minimal. However, there are some good reasons to clean the black stuff off your home.

First, if you are part of an HOA, you may be required to do so.

Second, even if you aren’t part of an HOA, keeping the black stuff cleaned off will make your home look well-maintained, increasing its eventual re-sale value.

Third, keeping your home looking well-maintained may help keep your insurance rates from going up. We know that a lot of companies now require your roof to be clear of moss to remain insured. Some companies may take into account overall maintenance, as well.

Finally, it’s just nice to drive up to a nice, clean-looking home, and cleaning the exterior every so often helps with that feeling.

What are your options for cleaning your siding?

  • Most siding can be pressure washed. This should be done professionally, as improperly handled pressure washing has the potential to damage siding.
  • We often use our Gentle Wash process for siding, which is easier on the surface. It is a two-step process. First, we apply a pre-clean solution and let it soak on the siding. Then we rinse it off with a special nozzle that does not create as much pressure on your siding. This is a great option for almost any kind of siding.
  • If you have exposed wood siding, such as shakes, we recommend our Green Clean process using an oxygen-based cleaner to lift debris and then a low pressure water rinse.

Source:  Action Northwest

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