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2018-04-12 00:25:34
Lake Oswego Hazelia Dog Park

Lake Oswego Hazelia Dog Park

Today was National Pet Day.  While I am a bit late posting for today's holiday, I did go to Hazelia Dog Park in Lake Oswego to check out all the dogs at play.

I had been there before but it had been quite a while and wanted to do some more checking around.  There were only a few dogs there but one of the dog owners said 'you should see it on a Saturday'.

Many people have told me it is the best dog park because it has 2 separate large fenced areas for big and small dogs or as their signs say 'timid/shy' and 'active' dogs. There is also a good mix of grass and bark.

In addition, there is room for dogs to run and the park has play structures.  For the fur baby owners there is a sitting area, shaded areas and restrooms.  The park is nicely maintained with separate areas for small and large dogs, an area where the dogs can be rinsed off during our rainy days and lots of areas that have water to quench the dogs' thirst.

Of all the dogs today, this cutie in the picture, came racing up to me wanting a 'meet and greet'.bettyjung.com

New Dog Park Coming In Lake Oswego

There is a new dog park that will be opening soon in the Lake Grove area - the West Waluga Fenced Dog Park.  Watch here for the grand opening info.  There will then be eastside and westside dog parks.

Off Leash Areas

All dogs must be on a leash in public parks and in all natural areas in Lake Oswego except in these 6 areas:

  • Hazelia Field
  • Luscher Farm
  • Pilkington Park
  • West WalugaPark
  • Southwood 1 Park
  • McNary Park

Dog Rules For Lake Oswego

Not sure about licensing or other rules if you are a dog owner in Lake Oswgeo?  Here is a link to all those rules you need to abide by if you own a dog.

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Moving to Lake Oswego?

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